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    about us     contacts, representing Curbstone Corporation, sells and supports mission-critical sockets communications software for the iSeries AS/400.

The founders of Curbstone Corporation have spent over a decade innovating, designing, coding, implementing, and supporting asynch and sockets communications software on the AS400.

1991 - first AS400 commercial serial asynch, full-duplex software

1994 - first scalable, native, AS/400 Credit Card Software

1997 - first full-duplex, native multi-threaded, sockets middleware

I invite you to read on about our hand-crafted iSeries AS/400 software...

AS400 Sockets Software

FTP batch communications is NOT real-time! iSeries AS400 sockets software!
iSeries AS400 sockets software!
Real-time, directly from RPG, COBOL, CL, World's easiest interface...

Learn about rea-time communications from the AS/400...
Learn about using SOCKETS on the AS/400 to talk to ANY other platform, for real-time communications in this educational, 4 page presentation...

Diagrams, Animation, Slide Show...

iSeries AS400 sockets software!
Drive external devices with the LIVE data on your AS/400 in REAL-TIME - don't just FTP - Take a Socket/Serial SAFARI - click here!
iSeries AS400 sockets software!
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iSeries AS400 sockets software!
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iSeries AS400 sockets software!
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iSeries AS400 sockets software!
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iSeries AS400 credit card software and sockets software software!
iSeries AS400 credit card software and sockets software software!